Brief History In The Auction & Estate Business

After having been raised in an orphanage in Toledo, Ohio, I went to live with my dad’s brother in 1954, who was an Asst: Army Fire Chief-Part Owner of Popular Restaurant plus raised horses and ponies. Walked Pony’s in Pony Rings at Schools and businesses, We would often go to horse auctions and many antique and farm sales.

At the age of 14 and 15, on one particular sale, the auctioneer was on a wagon filled with many different items, from paint to tools, my uncle said “do you think you can do that as the auctioneer chanted,” I said “no,” but he put me up on the wagon, and the auctioneer handed me a gallon of paint to try and sell. Of course, I was frightened; I believe that was when I first got the bug.

We continued to go to auctions; it wasn’t until I married and settled down, then I decided to enter the Auction business. In 1973 I sent for an auctioneer’s course from the Knotts School of Auctioneering in Gallipolis, Ohio, which offered reel to reel tapes. I sent for the tapes and taught myself.

It took me about six months to pick up enough auctions chanting and studying the laws. In Ohio, you were required to take a test to become an apprentice. I served under another fully Licensed Auctioneer for one year in 1974. I then went before a commissioned board to take a written and verbal test.

At the age of 37, I finally received my full Auctioneers License. In 1975, having already been raised and schooled in farm, antiques, and Estate Sales of personal property, I continued to specialize in those areas. Then by opportunity only, did I expand into businesses, From Ohio plus Florida and Now living In Ballwin, with my wife, Mo, and near my kids…

-Floyd D. Harrison Sr.

Floyd D. Harrison Sr., DBA – Estate & Business Liquidators

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  • Floyd D. Harrison Sr., DBA – Lic. 103013

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