90 Years of Collecting Dolls

The Collection of The Late Mrs. Holle
A Collection of 87 Dolls—Make Offer

9AM to 3PM- Must Call 314-230-6470 For A Time and Address

Only 4 People Allowed In House At Any Given Time !
-Basement Only-

Will Not Be Available Thanksgiving Weekend
First Come First Served-Will Give Out Numbers
Each Day Only!!!   

You Can Buy 1 or As Many As You Want

American Character – Effanbee-Dy D EE Baby –Little Woman- Danberry Mint – Shirley Temp From Many Years Ago – 20 or so Dolls in Orginal Box’s- One of the Dolls was given to Mrs Holle When She Was Born 90 Years ago, Looks in Decent condition-One Doll In Wedding Dress Decent Condition When She  Got Married 60 Years Ago – Lot of Boxes for Dolls Not in their Boxes

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